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1970-71 NOS Mopar 340/383/440 Six Pack Air Cleaner assembly. This is an original Mopar over-the-counter NOS Six Pack air cleaner with water baffle - just as if you walked into the dealership in 1970's to purchase one. The base features the "Made In Canada" and PN atop the original factory black paint. There are typical waves from stamping and very minor counter wear. It features the factory water shield - intended for non-Air Grabber cars. 

The NOS top is in nice condition (minor wear marks from over the years) and also retains the original black factory paint as well as the "Made In Canada" and PN stamps. It also includes a pair of wing nuts and two extended wing nut studs (trim to fit). 

The assembly includes a new 440 Magnum Six Pack (Dodge) and Mopar air cleaner service decal - which will enhance the overall presentation. They are loosely attached since the correct color for the lid will ultimately be Hemi orange paint.


To complete the assembly, a new reproduction style Fram CA332V high performance air filter is included to make the assembly installation ready.  Note that while it is stamped with FRAM CA332, it is a reproduction piece.

The current crop of  reproduction assemblies feature extensive impressions on the center of the top of the lid - if viewed from the side with lighting, a myriad of indentations will be visible. Aftermarket bases are stamped with a lighter gauge of steel and have visible issues on the carburetor flanges (i.e. rough cut and sloppy), as well as different weld marks on the stanchions, behind the baffle, and on valve cover breather tube. Mopar Performance never powder-coated their parts nor had these sloppy welds.

This assembly is in overall excellent condition and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is a rare and genuine NOS Mopar part!

Many of our parts are available only once - we cannot predict if/when another will become available due to the scarcity of original parts. The old adage "here today, gone tomorrow" applies to many of these unique assemblies. While we strive to maintain a strong diversity of desirable parts, there simply aren't enough available to meet demand at times. 


For further information on the restoration process, please contact us directly.

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This assembly is correct for the following 1970-71 high performance models featuring the 340/383/400/440 6 barrel engines:


Super Bee, Charger, Coronet (69-70), Challenger R/T


Road Runner, Satellite (69), GTX

This assembly will fit a myriad of A/B/C bodies without the Air Grabber/Ram Charger fresh air systems. Please inquire if you are unsure of fitment options.

Note: the base will fit all Mopar Performance and Edelbrock Six Pack Mopar intakes - the intake makes up for the height difference between the LA/B/RB deck heights.   




The assembly will fit factory Holley 3x2 carburetors. If you have modified your carburetor or intake manifold, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.





The assembly will ship within one day (usually the day of payment) with shipping/tracking information provided.



This assembly is guaranteed to match the item description 4– customers have up to 14 days to return the assembly after receipt if it is not as described.



Assemblies must be returned in the original packing – customers are responsible for return shipping charges. A refund will be issued upon receipt of the inspected assembly. Returns for non-fitment will not be honored – please ask questions first.



In the event of shipping damage, customers must save all packaging and send 5 digital pictures so Musclecar Air Cleaners can initiate a shipping damage claim.



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