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We strive to provide cost-effective shipping to all of our customers. Unlike many businesses, we are NOT charging Fuel/Shipping surcharges - that is just not a fair business practice.

Since COVID, shipping costs have escalated dramatically - we try to pack as economically as possible, but cannot control the additional costs (i.e. surcharges, oversize charges, fuel charges, etc...). We do insure every parcel as an added precaution.


In most instances, we will use FedEx Ground or United States Postal Service (First Class/Priority Mail) for parcels and packages. All air cleaner assemblies will be insured for face value in the event of shipping damage.


USPS Priority Mail International is the best means of shipping internationally. This avoids the additional brokerage charges typically associated with UPS (Canada) as well as provides the most cost-effective option. All air cleaner assemblies will be insured for face value in the event of shipping damage.  We will not alter the face value for customs reductions, as this will reduce the value of the insured product - a minor cost not worth the potential loss to anyone.

As of August, 2020, the US Postal Service has made signficant policy changes that has proven to interupt service, reliability, and costs. We will strive to avoid this service to the greatest extent possible to ensure customer service has minimal impediments. Note that overseas shipping can take up to 90 days with spotty tracking due to the COVID-19 worldwide  impact.

Please note that our shipping charges are for US based shipments; additional cost for overseas are almost always likely. Contact us via email at for an accurate shipping estimate and be sure to include your ship to address details.


In the event of a damaged parcel, contact us directly. Please take digital pictures to document the package/parcel damage. Things to look for are damaged boxes featuring holes, tears, crush marks, indentations, and the like. Water damage may also be a concern too. Since each item is individually wrapped with packing materials, be sure and include full pictures of the opened parcel with packing materials. Provide multiple detailed pictures of the shipping damage on the item as well. Once received, we will initiate the claim through the USPS carrier.

International customers will need to present the parcel and item to their local postal provider to initiate a complaint.

We try very hard to minimize a claim requirement through good packing standards. Regardless of our efforts, there are times when damage is beyond our control. While the claims process is long and drawn out, we will do our very best to see it through - even if it means contacting the US Postmaster General directly.

We are proud of our relationship with both FedEx and USPS Postal Service. In 17 years, we have had an absolute minimal amount of claims.

Return shipping - borne by the buyer unless expressly agreed to us due to our mistake/error in shipping.