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Original OEM 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 302/290 HP Cowl Induction Air Cleaner. This assembly has been refinished in the correct 60% gloss black finish to present a period correct image. The base features the original ridged bottom for late 69 models,  complete with correct dual notched snorkel and orientation. The flame arrestor tube features the twin 45 degree bends, meaning it will fit Holley carburetors without causing interference - a  revision that supports that later year model originality (as corroborated by a former Chevrolet judge). An NOS GM stamped flame arrestor screen fits on the tube, further adding to the originality. The rear distributor indentation features the correct factory ribs as well. The exterior is dressed with a Air Cleaner Service Decal (DG=1969). As a nice finishing touch, an original date stamp (Mid October 69) has been added for for further authenticity.  

The original factory cowl seal sits atop the correct original semi-circular seal flange, calling out the REAR decal for alignment purposes. An original lid enhances the classic muscle car appearance and includes a new Z/28 302 Turbo-Fire 290 Horsepower decal. The original 1 3/4" spacer - required for hood contact with small blocks - is very nice and fits between the air cleaner base and the cowl seal flange. The spacer is specific to the Z/28 models, as deck height/hood height were different between conventional 350 cars and the Z/28. It features the original DEMCO stamping - missing on any aftermarket part.  The flange is the full circle piece specific to F-body Camaros and retains an original survivor seal - a very nice original piece that is in remarkable condition for a 50+ year old part.

This assembly comes complete with the correct GM marked breather filter pipe adapter hose. This is an original GM piece that is formed specifically for the small block application.

To complete the package, the assembly is fitted with a reproduction A212CW square mesh heavy duty air filter replete with period correct lettering that provides the right look of the era for fresh air cars. Finally, a period correct wing nut is included.

These assemblies were limited to the Z/28 and big block cowl induction cars from 1969 (L78 396, L72 427, Z/28, and ZL1 cars) with the ZL2 package. They are NOT reproduced properly by any company, making them far more desirable and difficult to find (all reproductions feature no indentation ridges in the distributor clearance, differently oriented flame arrestor tube, and  poorly welded snorkel flanges featuring up to 10 welds as opposed to 4). The flat bottom bases were used with early to mid production 69 Camaros; multiple documented sites indicate the ridge for the filter appeared later in the production year which extended later into 1969 due to the 16+ month model year run.

This assembly presents well and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is an ultra-rare and genuine GM part!

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This assembly is will fit the following:


302 Z28 with Holley Carburetor

It will also fit the following vehicles without the raised flanged spacer
396/375HP 69 Camaro RS/SS models
427/425HP L72 cars 
427/450 Yenko Cars

Note: 4 Speed equipped cars shared the same cowl induction assembly as the automatic cars in 1969; the only exception being the 69 350 automatic cars which featured the ThermAC pre-heater system (largely found on Pace Cars).

The early cowl induction air cleaners featured a flat bottom base and flame arrestor tube with a 90 bend which was manufactured at least through May, 1969. Revisions for the 70 model year began around this time, with the base receiving a revised flame arrestor tube featuring two 45 degree bends, as well as the ribbed base (added for structural integrity-paralleled through all GM air cleaners). Since the 69 model year production was extended for 4 additional months, it is more than apparent to researchers that this new style bottom was put into service for production cars starting around the July time frame. This detail has been supported by the Camaro research group - those who focus on originality and exceptions.


The assembly will fit factory 4 barrel Holley/Quadrajet carburetors with a 5 1/8" diameter flange, as well as most other Holley, Carter, and Edelbrock variations without electric choke (some adjustment to the carburetor alignment tangs may be required) only on NON-A/C cars. If you have modified your carburetor, distributor, intake manifold, or valve covers, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.



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