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OEM 1967 Mopar 383 Unsilenced Air Cleaner. This is an original 1967 A-body big block air cleaner assembly that has been refinished in wrinkle black to present a period correct image. It has been finished to match the early A-body cars and features the 90 degree nipple on the driver's (LH) side. The "FRONT" impression is visible through the wrinkle paint and helps to orient the assembly for installation as the factory had intended. The exterior features a reproduction Mopar Air Cleaner Service Decal. The wrinkle finish presents very nicely on the top. Lid dimensions: 3.5" tall by 18 1/8" diameter.

The original style base features the earlier 4 1/8" carburetor flange designed to fit the AFB carburetors of the day. An optional deep drop base with the larger 5 1/8" flange that fits the later model Carter/Holley/Edelbrock 4 barrel carburetors is available if requested. 

To complete the assembly, an NOS CA127V Fram Perforated High Performance air filter and period correct wing nut are included. A "Made in Canada" stamp has been added as a nice finishing touch. The wrinkle finish is very nice as well.

A new 383 Four Barrel pie pan is included as a nice finishing touch-authentic to both the 'Cuda and Dart GTS cars featuring these engines. As an option, the leftover production runs of the 67 air cleaners were use on early 68 Coronet R/T and GTX cars featuring the 440 Magnum/Super Commando engines. These pie pans are optional if requested.

This assembly is in very nice condition and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is a rare and genuine Mopar part!

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The history of the larger unsilenced air cleaners centers on the first iterations of A-body big block cars produced outside of the Chrysler channels. Mr. Norms Grand Spaulding Dodge dealership shoe-horned Chrysler big blocks (383s) into the 67 A-bodies and sold them outright. Chrysler execs finally figured out that they too could do it too and began a modest production run for late 67. The air cleaners were modified Coronet R/T & GTX assemblies that featured the unsilenced option (that would follow with the revision of the more common 68-69 smaller versions). Once the air cleaners were made, they weren't all used up for the 67 run. Chrysler installed the leftovers on early 68 A-bodies, as well as early 440 R/T & GTX models. The center cones were the larger ones designed to incorporate the classic pie pan engine ID plates. This detail has been corroborated through multiple authenticating channels.



This assembly is correct for the following 1967 383/440 high performance models:


Dart GT 383


'Cuda 383


For the early 1968 big block cars manufactured after June 1967, the remaining stock of unused air cleaners were used on models such as the Plymouth GTX and the Coronet R/T. While this was a short term use, these air cleaner assemblies were original to these early cars and have been documented through a Mopar Nationals B body judge.

It will fit A/B/C/E-body cars ranging from 64-73 as well with the larger carburetor flange. It is correct for the late 67/early 68 B/RB cars as mentioned. 




The assembly will fit 4 barrel carburetors with a 4 1/8" diameter flange such as Carter AFB. By selecting the deep drop base, it will fit more modern carburetors such as Carter AVS/Thunder, Holley, and Edelbrock variations. If you have modified your carburetor or intake manifold, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.





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