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This is a very nice set of OEM Mopar Valve covers prepared for installation on the 64-66 model year LA 273 engines. They have been refinished with black wrinkle paint to match the production year finish. The interior has received a light coat of engine clear -  to facilitate oil return and minimize flash rust. The set comes with a nice chrome valve cover breather filter and an original capped PCV valve. All mounting points are straight, as is the gasket sealing surface.  There are typical impressions on the tops/sides of the valve covers with reliefs as well. The wire loom retainers are new and help to maintain an original appearance. The PCV is part of the CAP system with a very good OEM black valve inside a painted cap. This set features the passenger side with the wiring retaining harness loom - indicative of 66 model year. Note that a few of the bolt holes have been previously repaired - all mounting points are solid and will function as intended.

The tops of the valve covers are fitted with their original aluminum heat dissipation fins  - the Coup de Gras for small block Mopar appearances. Each features the correct new valve cover wire insert slots with no missing flange, as well as the wire loom heat shield (more specific to the 66 model year). The aluminum remains in a natural polished state.

This is a very nice set of valve covers that presents well. Best of all, they are genuine Mopar parts!


These will fit LA engines with OEM heads for the 1964-66 models with the HP 273 4V engines. Technically, they are 66 correct only, but will fit the 64-65 and 67 models with a period image. The will also enhance any 340 engine and 360 engine up through 1974.


Barracuda, Formula S with Commando 273 engine


Dart, Dart GT with Charger 273 engine

They can also be used on other small block models, but the primary difference will be in the location of the breather filter and style and the location for the PCV provision.