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Custom 1967 Plymouth Belvedere 440 Super Commando Unsilenced Air Cleaner


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Custom 1967 Mopar 440 Super Commando  Unsilenced Air Cleaner. This is a custom assembly has been media blasted and refinished in black wrinkle to present a period correct image. The 18.5" top is in very nice condition and features the fully enclosed system, scalloped rear clearance indentation, 13 ribs, and a correct 67 Mopar air cleaner service decal. 

The Mopar specific deep drop base features the larger 5 1/8" flange (Carter AVS, Holley, and most modern carburetors) that will accommodate a lower hood height due to either a taller carburetor or increased plenum on the intake manifold. A new heavy duty air filter and period correct wing nut are included to complete the assembly. Note that the wrinkle finish contains typical variations to match that of the factory production methods.  A "Made in Canada" stamp has been added to the base and lid as a nice touch of authenticity.

As an added value, the assembly is complemented with a new reproduction Mopar licensed pie pan and a licensed Mopar reproduction Air Cleaner Service Decal. The auction includes a 440 Super Commando pie pan - correct for the Plymouth models. 

Note that the CAP provision in the top would normally be a 90 degree elbow, but has been replaced with a straight nipple.  It is intended to connect to the valve cover breather on the LH/Driver's side of the engine. The last picture displays an original assembly from a true barn find - clearly showing the availability of these units on lat 67/early 68 440 powered B-bodies (and A-bodies too).

This assembly presents well and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is made from Mopar parts.

For further information on the restoration process, please contact us.


 This assembly is correct for the following 1967 440 high performance models with CAP:


Charger, Coronet R/T



Note: this assembly is specific to the 67 440 cars due to the 18.5" diameter. It comes with a larger 5 1/8" carburetor flange. Later 68-69 dual snorkels reverted to the 17.5" air cleaner diameter with similar appearances, but featuring CAP on either the snorkel or right side of the top.


The assembly will fit factory 4 barrel Carter AVS carburetors (it also fit the Edelbrock/Holley/Carter carburetors with the 5 1/8" flange). The base is not the original fitting 4 1/8" Carter AFB.

If you have modified your carburetor or intake manifold, please inquire first prior to purchase to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.



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Assemblies must be returned in the original packing – customers are responsible for return shipping charges. A refund will be issued upon receipt of the inspected assembly. Returns for non-fitment will not be honored – please ask questions first. 


In the event of shipping damage, customers must save all packaging and send 5 digital pictures so Musclecar Air Cleaners can initiate a shipping damage claim.



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