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1974 Mopar 360 400 Four Barrel Oval Snorkel Air Cleaner. This assembly has been refinished in hemi orange to present a period correct image. The base features the long single oval snorkel specific to the 74 year model B-bodies in very good condition. The single vacuum door that operates the pre-heater trap door has been fitted with new vacuum lines. The exterior features a new Mopar air cleaner service decal to provide the correct look. The inside of the base is very clean as well and maintains an original air temperature sensor secured with factory push pins. The NOX valve is also nice and is installed with the correct gasket and bolts.

The factory lid is nice as well and has been garnished with a choice of either (1) 360 FOUR BARREL or 400/440 FOUR BARREL decal. The inside has been fitted with a new Mopar reproduction lid seal. As a nice touch, a "Made in Canada" stamp has been added to both insides of the base and lid.  If no request is made, we will install the 400 Four Barrel decal prior to shipment.

As an added value, an original pre-formed breather hose that connects to the valve cover breather is included (we also have NOS 74 style breather filters available separately).

The longer snorkel variations are rarely seen applied correctly to the 74 B-body cars. Most tend to install the shorter A/E body assemblies, as they are less scarce.

The last photo illustrates the correct assembly as installed on the 74 B-body platform.

This is a nice example that will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is a rarer and genuine Mopar part!


Fits factory 4 barrel carburetors with a 5 1/8" flange go include Carter Thermoquad, AVS, as well as Edelbrock AFB/Thunder Series, and most Holleys. Note this unit differs from the A/E body assemblies by way of a much longer tapered oval snorkel - designed to extend in the larger confines of the B-body engine bay.  Also note that the snorkels vary between the two at the attachment point - the B body snorkel assembly is wider.


Correct for 1974 models featuring the high performance 360 / 400 engine:


Road Runner, Satellite Sebring Plus, Road Runner GTX


Charger, Charger Rallye

This will fit many models of Mopars from 68-74, but is only correct for 74 due to the snorkel design. Also note that this unit is different from the A/E-body 360 air cleaners by way of the snorkel length-this one is approximately 2" longer to fit better in the bigger B-body engine compartment. A further option was the trap door assemblies - these were few and far between, finding a home on 440 Four Barrel Chargers and Road Runner GTX models. Mr. Norm's also added the trap door to his cars as well.