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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle/El Camino/Nova SS L34 396 LS3 402 LS5 454 Z15 ZL2 Reproduction Cowl Induction Air Cleaner. This assembly has been reworked and refinished in the correct semi-gloss black finish to present a period correct image. The single snorkel with round end is in very good condition and correct for the one year only style LS-engined Cowl Induction platforms. The base is very clean and adorned with a GM reproduction Air Cleaner Service Decal (DG). It is also unique to this year as well, incorporating the new for 70 ribbed base with 3 periodic reliefs in the element rib. The flame arrestor tube is topped with a new dimpled stainless steel screen, all connected to the valve cover breather tube replete with the correct style GM stamped adapter hose. An original style date stamp (late 69) has been added for further authenticity and as a nice finishing touch.   

The cowl flange features a new seal replete with correct 2" tape band, along with a new REAR decal. A black cowl lid enhances the classic muscle car appearance and sits atop a new heavy duty air filter. To add further distinction, a choice of either a GM licensed 396/350HP or 454/360HP Turbo-Jet decals are included; others may be available to meet your needs (temporarily installed - permanent installation will be made at the time of the sale with requested decals specific to your application) and complements the overall assembly. Please send a note to us with your choice at/after checkout. To complete the package, a period correct wing nut is included.  

As an added bonus, the assembly features the correct Chevrolet carburetor spacer and an NOS 90 degree metal elbow which connects the air cleaner directly to the valve cover, making installation complete.

This assembly is in very good condition and will enhance your restoration.

This part is an aftermarket piece that has variations from original pieces – all out of sight once installed, but mentioned for clarity. Notably, the snorkel is missing the notch in the seam;  fewer impressions in the distributor relief; missing the W in the seal flange.  We have reworked it to make it as aesthetically correct appearance-wise, but with a far more cost effective price point. We rarely offer reproduction pieces due to the nature of our business, but there are times when either original parts are made of unobtanium or simply cost too much. We are confident that most onlookers will not be able to discern the differences mentioned above without taking the unit apart. 

Many of our parts are available only once - we cannot predict if/when another will become available due to the scarcity of original parts. The old adage "here today, gone tomorrow" applies to many of these unique assemblies. While we strive to maintain a strong diversity of desirable parts, there simply aren't enough available to meet demand at times.

For further information on the restoration process and additional offerings, please contact us. 


This assembly is correct for the following:

1970 Chevrolet

396/454 Turbo-Jet models installed in Chevelle SS/El Camino SS cars featuring the Cowl Induction ZL2 option.

Note: both automatic and 4 speed equipped cars featured the same style air cleaner for this year only. Non-cowl induction cars used a smaller case single/dual snorkel air cleaner specific to these years depending upon the A/C option. These assemblies differed from the 1971-72 version with the incorporation of the new for 71 ThermAC emissions provision for heated air at start-up using the air temperature sensor. The snorkel was canted downward, as opposed to the 70 straight version.

Note that this assembly will also fit the 69 Camaro cowl induction set-up as well, but will require a cowl flange extension (not included); primary differences are the tapered cut on the cowl seal flange and the ribs in the bottom (original 69 assemblies featured neither of these revisions).


The assembly will fit factory 4 barrel Quadrajet carburetors with a 5 1/8" diameter flange, as well as Holley (factory), Carter, and Edelbrock variations without electric choke (some adjustment to the carburetor alignment tangs may be required). If you have modified your carburetor or intake manifold, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.



The assembly will ship within one day (usually the day of payment) with shipping/tracking information provided.


This assembly is guaranteed to match the item description – customers have up to 14 days to return the assembly after receipt if it is not as described.


Assemblies must be returned in the original packing – customers are responsible for return shipping charges. A refund will be issued upon receipt of the inspected assembly. Returns for non-fitment will not be honored – please ask questions first.


In the event of shipping damage, customers must save all packaging and send 5 digital pictures so Musclecar Air Cleaners can initiate a shipping damage claim.