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OEM 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS Caprice Biscayne Sport Coupe 427/390HP L-36 Air Cleaner. This assembly has been restored to present a period correct appearance. The single canted snorkel with oval end is in good condition and features a fully functional ThermAC pre-heater along with new GM white-striped vacuum lines. The base is clean and comes with a correct 1969 air temperature sensor (ATS) installed with the correct retainer.  The exterior has a GM licensed reproduction Air Cleaner Service Decal (CT=69 427). Note that the snorkel is canted downward and is angled 45 degrees from carburetor towards the corner of the passenger side fender, as well as the breather filter on the passenger side - both specific to 69. A reproduced date stamp has been added as a further measure of authenticity.


A re-chromed OEM 6-dimpled lid chrome lid enhances the assembly and features an original seal. To complete the package, a new heavy duty air filter, replete with a new breather filter and period wing nut, are included. To add further distinction, GM licensed 427 Cross Flags and Turbo-Jet 390HP (temporarily installed - permanent installation to be made by the buyer as required) decals are included. Note that 69 Impala SS cars received the chrome lid. Note the final picture shows a black lid for Biscayne cars as a reference only.

The 69 L-36 was featured in a very limited number of cars. Less than 2,500 full size cars received the top power plant for the year - many of the air cleaner assemblies were immediately discarded and never seen again. Rarity, coupled with correct parts, adds value to the remaining Impala SS/Biscayne L-36 cars. These assemblies are few and far between - restored or original - and are both highly coveted and desired. This piece will correctly replace the nearly always missing assembly that distinguishes the true car enthusiast from the rest of the 14" chrome air cleaner pack.

This assembly is in overall nice condition and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is a very rare and genuine GM part!

You will receive the assembly as pictured.

Many of our items are a "one time only" feature and may never be featured again due to difficulty in obtaining them. As such, the old adage "Here today, gone tomorrow" applies.

For further information on the restoration process and options, please contact us.




This assembly is correct for the following models with the L-36:

1969 Chevrolet

Impala SS, Biscayne, Caprice (to include special orders and station wagons) equipped with automatic transmissions.

Note: it will fit 4 speed cars as well, but the difference is in the snorkel and the ThermAC valve (not present of 4 speed cars)

*this assembly differs substantially from the 396 models by way of snorkel design; all 396 units featured a thinner tapered snorkel.



The assembly will fit factory 4 barrel Quadrajet carburetors with a 5 1/8" diameter flange, as well as Holley (non-double pumpers), Carter, and Edelbrock variations without electric choke (some adjustment to the carburetor alignment tangs may be required). If you have modified your carburetor, intake manifold or valve covers, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.





The assembly will ship within one day (usually the day of payment) with shipping/tracking information provided.



This assembly is guaranteed to match the item description – customers have up to 14 days to return the assembly after receipt if it is not as described.



Assemblies must be returned in the original packing – customers are responsible for return shipping charges. A refund will be issued upon receipt of the inspected assembly. Returns for non-fitment will not be honored – please ask questions first.



In the event of shipping damage, customers must save all packaging and send 5 digital pictures so Musclecar Air Cleaners can initiate a shipping damage claim.



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