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This is an all metal original OEM Chevrolet Bel Air Dual Quad 2 X 4 Batwing Air Cleaner. This assembly has been previously refinished in low-gloss black finish and has a nice patina. All of the seams are perfect and aesthetically correct. The top features the twin pod and carburetor flange holes designed for the WCFB carburetors with the 4 1/8" flanges - this will only fit factory style OEM carburetors of the era (not the modern Edelbrock AFB variations). The offset and height of the carburetor inlets are specific to models without the deluxe heater.  The interior of the assembly features the air flow baffles that start at the inlet of the oil bath pods and flows towards the center of the dual carburetor stacks - a major difference between OEM parts and the off-the-shelf aftermarket pieces (see the last picture for clarification). 

The dual oil bath inserts are complete with mesh-filling. Separate centered circular pod bases show the "OIL LEVEL" indentations and include the studs with square nut retainers and upper wing nuts for an original look. There are some slight bends in the edges, but not visible once installed.

Note that later models with the deluxe heater came with one offset pod (RH side) for adequate clearance - this assembly features both centered oil bath pods (you would need to obtain a Cadillac offset pod separately if required). Nylon washers have been added under the square nuts and wing nuts to add rigidity and protect from paint gouges. The oil bath filters have reproduction oil bath service decals to complete an authentic appearance.

As added value, both center carburetor studs and period wing nuts, as well as new carburetor flange gaskets, are included to make installation far more complete.


Length:      26"                         

Width:   15.25"                         

Height:  8"                             

Carburetor Centerline:   7.5"

Stack Height:  2" *                   

End to End Stack :  12"           

Front to First Stack:   .5"       

Front to first carb stud hole:   3.25"

Oil Pod Stud to Stud: 18"

*56 models featured a taller stack height since the hood height was greater.

This assembly presents well for an original 60 year old part and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is a genuine and very rare GM part!


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This assembly is correct for the following 1957 283/270HP 2X4 models featuring the dual quad carburetors: 


Bel Air, Nomad, 150, 210, Del Ray, Sedan Delivery  283 2X4 engines

The assembly will fit 57 models without the deluxe heater, as the RH pod will interfere with it on those models. It is different from the Cadillac/Pontiac/Mopar assemblies by way of location/centerline of the stacks/ridges, height, as well as no provisions for the Cadillac emblem.

The 56 Chevrolet 265 version used stacks that were 1.125" taller since the hood center line was taller.

Note: This will NOT fit Pontiac, Cadillac, or Mopar models due to the different offset between the carburetor flange inlets (9" vs 7.5"); further, Mopar assemblies had ribbed indentations on the top.

It is highly recommended to obtain a set of OEM valve covers (or reproduction brackets) that feature the riveted support brackets for the pods. These will relieve the pressure typically caused by over-tightening the center wing nuts. 




The assembly will fit factory 1956-57 2 X 4 Dual Quad barrel WCFB carburetors with a 4 1/8" diameter flange: it will NOT fit Holley, 68 up Carter, and Edlebrock variations due to the larger carburetor flanges (5 /18"). If you have the Corvette fuel lines installed, these will have to be altered, as the pods will occupy the same space. 

If you have modified your carburetor or intake manifold, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.