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1958-59 Oldsmobile 371 J2 3x2 Tri-Power Triple Carburetion Air Cleaner


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Ultra-rare OEM late 1958-59 Oldsmobile J2 371 3x2 Triple Carburation Air Cleaner. This assembly has been refinished in 60% gloss black to present a period correct image and features an Olds J2 Rocket Decal installed in the factory original location. The offset and differently sized snorkels with correct inserted oval ends are in excellent condition and specific to the Oldsmobile models.  This assembly is specific to late 57 and all 58 Triple Carburation models in that it was an update to the oil bath models used early on in the program. Note that all of the carburetor flanges are the 2 1/8" diameter; later GM models introduced the larger center flange, as well as a myriad of differing snorkel locations and base plate indentations for the Cadillac/Pontiac/Chevrolet divisions. The overall paint is nice with a few minor issues on the inside of the assembly where it is difficult to get to, as well as the rim where the filter rubber rests (largely out of sight once installed).


An OEM lid featuring a single carburetor mounting hole enhances the assembly To complete the package, an NOS high performance air filter and period correct wing nut are included. Note that the Oldsmobile lid was flat - it did not feature either a starburst pattern or multiple holes to mount to the external carburetors like the earlier 57 models from Chevrolet/Pontiac/Cadillac. The optional lid decal is loosely installed - it can be installed at the discretion of the buyer.

While the intake manifold and carburetors were available in much larger numbers due to economies of scale within Olds (and other GM models for the carbs), the air cleaner was limited exclusively to the actual triple carburation models. As such, it is highly coveted and rare to find them- especially in good condition.

Original assemblies transcend both value and desire to collectors with classic car price points clearly demonstrating the difference.

This assembly is in nice condition and will enhance your restoration. Best of all, it is a very rare and genuine GM part! 

For further information on the restoration process and options, please contact us.




This assembly is correct for the following 1958-59 Rocket 371 3x2 engines:


Super 88, Super 98, Starfire Ninety-Eight, Golden Rocket 88, Holiday 88, Fiesta Wagon


This assembly is a one-year only piece due to the size and nature of the snorkels. The J2 option was released in 57 and extended into 59 - purported total production of around 2,500 units. The earlier versions used a batwing oil bath filter, while late 57-59 models used the more conventional paper filter updated assembly.




The assembly will fit factory 2GC/2G triple carburation Rochester carburetors with a 2 1/8" diameter flanges. If you have modified your carburetors, intake manifold or valve covers, please inquire first prior to bidding to ensure fitment is correct. Return requests for non-fitment will not be honored.





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Assemblies must be returned in the original packing – customers are responsible for return shipping charges. A refund will be issued upon receipt of the inspected assembly. Returns for non-fitment will not be honored – please ask questions first.



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