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Many of our customers are interested in either "trading in" their current air cleaner, or may simply want to sell part of their accrued collection. We are interested in taking in "core" assemblies, as we know they will need to go through our entire process of refinishing - something most enthusiasts realize costs time and money to refurbish. 

If you are interested in giving us an opportunity to purchase your assembly, please contact us at and include a thorough description of your assembly, any obvious issues, and several photos of the top/bottom/interior sections.

Please include a value you are seeking - we'll strive to provide a reasonably quick reply and get back with you. 

Typical shipping is $25-$35 depending upon location; factor that in as well.

Obviously, we are not going to be able to buy every air cleaner that is offered, as we do keep a stock of over 200 assemblies on hand. We also can't pay full retail either, as we have to rework the item to meet our customer expectations.

Thanks for your interest!,LLC