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We have found out that Chrysler Corporation has decided to cease production of the Mopar Pie Pan Engine Identification plates. This is very disappointing to our hobby and will certainly leave many owners with different alternatives available (i.e. decals that are close or survivor plates). Further, they are dropping many of the Mopar Performance items (i.e. specialty paints, parts, etc...) and requiring additional royalties for all related restoration items.

We have an extremely limited supply of the pie pans that will accompany our assemblies. The price points will certainly show an increase, as our procurement costs for these has nearly doubled. 

We do have an option to reduce the assembly sell price in the event you don't need a pie pan - simply inquire with us for the price adjustment.

This is an extremely disappointing decision made by the bean counters at Mopar - perhaps it is a sign of things to come with our hobby.