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Special Orders 

While we strive to be as accurate and timely as possible with all orders and customer owned restorations, things can and will occassionally go wrong. It is our responsibility to keep customers aware of the status of their request or restoration up to completion. We request customers advise us of any issues preventing final completion (we do understand that anything can come up and only need to be made aware of this). 

All special orders will require a $100 non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from the final purchase price. In the event of cancelation, this fee will cover any specialized changes requested by the customer.

For customer-owned assemblies, we will submit a final invoice upon completion for the agreed value. If there are issues found during inspection/reassembly, we will notify the customer of the issue, as well as options/costs available at that time.

Abandoned orders - In the event that special orders are abandoned (30 days with no contact from the customer), all deposits will be forfeited. For customer-owned restorations, any item left without payment for a maximum period of 30 days from completion will be considered abandoned and moved towards disposal as we deem appropriate. We will notify the customer of the status at that time.

Returns - customers have up to 14 days to coordinate a return. While we realize test fitting / installation is not always readily available, we are willing to work with customers. If there is a problem and you notify us, we may coordinate a final return - this may be subject to a restocking fee depending upon age. All shipping costs are borne by the customer. Our business strives to follow current retail industry standards within reason.